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New Toyota LC300 High Output Alternators Now Available for Armored and Special Vehicle Power Upgrade

02, Dec 2022 98 Views

American Power Systems, Inc. has released four new high output alternator power upgrades for the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 (LC300).

DAVENPORT, Iowa , Dec. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The manufacturer builds 255- and 360-Amp HPI alternators for both the 3.3L diesel and 3.5L gas (petrol) engines that power the latest versions of Toyota's popular Land Cruiser platform Mounted in the OEM mounting position for APS also offers the option for a high-idle controller to aid output when the vehicle is idling.

Launched overseas by Toyota Motor Corporation in August 2021, the new all-terrain Land Cruiser 300 Series is a completely redesigned version of the outgoing 200 Series . The Land Cruiser has a reputation for reliability, durability and off-road performance, making it a popular transportation choice in rough environments.

"As security or defense vehicles, Toyota's various platforms are often equipped with armor and/or special equipment that allows end users to stay connected, collect information, and even perform covert surveillance activities. Although these All the equipment adds weight to the vehicle and consumes a lot of power that the OEM systems can't meet." said Amy Lunk, President and CEO of APS. “These new high-output alternators can deliver the stable, reliable power needed to make these vehicles mission-ready even in harsh environments and enable end users to stay safe and connected in the field.”

APS has a long history of manufacturing rugged high-output OE OE replacement alternators for many Toyota platforms, including the previous Land Cruiser series, Hilux, Fortuner, Tacoma, Tundra, Hi Ace and Regius, among other vehicles. Customers use its high-output alternators to power anti-IED jammers, communications systems, satellite equipment, cooling systems, and many more devices across a variety of vehicle platforms.

APS's 255- and 360-amp HPI alternators are compatible replacement alternators for the 2022 Lexus LX600 and LX500D, in addition to the TLC 300 Series. For technical specifications, please refer to the APS blog .

American Power Systems, Inc. about _ _

APS has been designing and manufacturing advanced mobile power systems, alternators, converters, regulators and power generators since 2006 for armored, security, commercial, naval and purpose-built special vehicles such as RVs and luxury motor coaches. Based in Davenport, Iowa, the company specializes in the innovation and custom crafting of power conversion and distribution systems by employees who have nearly 300 combined years of experience in their various areas of expertise.

For more information, visit www.americanpowerinc.com .

SOURCE American Power Systems, Inc.

CONTACT: Contact: Erin Platt, Director of Marketing, (563) 323-7994, erin@americanpowerinc.com

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